Sea Fever (Golden Hind Music GHM-108, 2007) 
      Songs from the Pubs of Ireland (GHM-301, 1989) 

YE MARINERS ALL (John Roberts, John Rockwell, Larry Young) 
      Songs of the Sea (GHM-106, 2003) 

      Ballads Long and Short (GHM-111, 2015) 

      Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, 1978 (GHM-303, 2019) 
      Twiddlum Twaddlum (GHM-107,  2003) 
      Naulakha Redux: Songs of Rudyard Kipling (GHM-104, 1997) 
      Heartoutbursts: English Folksongs collected by Percy Grainger (GHM-103, 1998) 
      A Present from the Gentlemen (GHM-101, 1992) 
      Live at Holsteins! (GHM-203 — Front Hall FHR-031, 1983) 
      Dark Ships in the Forest: Ballads of the Supernatural (Folk-Legacy FSI-65, 1977) 
      Mellow With Ale From The Horn (GHM-204 — Front Hall FHR-04, 1975) 
      Across the Western Ocean (Swallowtail ST-4, 1973) 
      Spencer the Rover is Alive and Well... (Swallowtail ST-1, 1971) 

JOHN ROBERTS, TONY BARRAND with Various Artists 
      An Evening at the English Music Hall (GHM-302 — FHR-030, 1984) 

NOWELL SING WE CLEAR (John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis) 
      Bidding You Joy (GHM-110, 2013) 
      Nowell, Nowell, Nowell! (GHM-109, 2013) 
      Just Say Nowell (GHM-105, 2000) 
      Hail Smiling Morn! (GHM-102, 1995) 
      Nowell Sing We Four (GHM-201, 1988) 

NOWELL SING WE CLEAR (John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Steve Woodruff) 
      The Best of "Nowell Sing We Clear" 1975-1986 (GHM-202 — FHR—301, 1989) 
      To Welcome In The Spring (GHM-202 — FHR-022, 1980) 

These recordings are available, with complete information and song lyrics, at Golden Hind Music. Many are also available at Bandcamp. Nowell Sing We Clear recordings (and songbook) are also available from the NSWC website. Dark Ships in the Forest is also available from Smithsonian Folkways.