September 2016

At long last my hip is no longer the major focus of my attention. Six months after the operation, I’m pretty much back to normal, though I’m not going to resume my hobby of English Country Dancing for a while, I’m walking not running, and I’m trying to be careful in my movements. The orthopedist says everything looks normal - “Come back and see me in a year.”

May 2016

The hip continues to improve, albeit slowly, mobility is increasing, and I’m still on track for my May 13 return to concertizing. Debra Cowan and I released a CD (Ballads Long & Short) shortly after my first surgery, almost a year ago, and I’ve hardly been able to get out and promote it. The upcoming weekend is the first time we’ve played together this year, and the first time I’ve played at all!.  

April 2016

Four weeks now after the “final” surgery and my new hip is improving. I’m still on schedule for my return to performing at the Old Songs Concert Series on May 13, with Debra Cowan. Everything looks positive on the medical front, touch wood, and I’m practicing! And looking forward to getting back on the road a bit. 

Feb, 2016

As many people know, I’ve been laid up for most of the last year with hip problems following replacement hip surgery last Memorial Day Weekend. Revision surgery was recommended later in the fall, but this was delayed by various tests which determined that an infection needed to be treated. 

I was in surgery at the end of Jan 2016, and a temporary hip was installed, and I started a 6-week course of IV antibiotics. The final (we hope) replacement surgery is scheduled for March 15, and hopefully my recovery back to full activity will start there.

I had concerts with Debra Cowan scheduled for the end of this month (now!), and my friends the Vox Hunters are standing in for me. I’m hoping to start performing again by the middle of May, when I have more concerts scheduled with Debra Cowan (see my calendar page).

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